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Molly Norris and Mohammed “Cartoons”

“Freedom of Speech!”
That slogan is supposed to strike terror in the hearts of every Muzlem who (naturally) hates freedom of anything, has no sense of humor and is just waiting to kill every member of the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”, when the word comes down from the Great Mullah Command Center.
I feel sorry for Molly Norris.
She got so carried away with her passion for the so-called “Freedom of Speech” that a lot of delusional people in the West wish to believe (but not practice), that she declared a holiday called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” and published the following cartoon

Okay, so it was ill-advised, stupid and promoted more bigotry against Muslims, I will accept that. But WHY should Muslims get so all-fired angry and upset over this silly rendition?
Can ANYONE who is sane, accept that ANY of the pictures in the cartoons even remotely resemble a human being, let alone the prophet Mohammed?
It appears to me that the people who got so extremely upset over this cartoon, were simply trying to complete with Molly Norris, over who could look more stupid, the author of the cartoons, or the upset people.
I guess the upset Muslims won that one.
A more self-assured Muslim would look at the cartoons and laugh, s-he would say, nothing here looks like a human being, let alone the prophet Mohammed, what have you been smoking that you think you have drawn his picture?”
I have heard people state indignantly, that this and other cartoons are an insult to the prophet Mohammed, but insult is in the heart of the recipient, you cannot insult me unless I wish to embrace the insult. If I choose to ignore the insult then the insulter become like a dog who barks at a passing caravan; it affects nothing.
Where would Islam have been today, if the prophet Mohammed had taken offense to every insult hurled at him and responded with violence?
There might not have been Islam today; Islam was not spread because of Muslims’ capacity to be violent, but by the examples of peace. mercy, forgiveness and honesty that early Muslims displayed in their everyday lives.
Time for us modern Muslims to do the same…
I agree that this much-touted “Freedom of Speech” is a cudgel used against Muslims and Islam, people do not rush to protect this “Freedom” if other sacred cows get gored.

We all know about Europe, where 32 of the 44 countries of Europe have criminalized with jail sentences, statements that deny the Shoah (Jewish Holocaust) or, insult a faith (not Islam). We may not be aware of the news where there is no mention of “Freedom of Speech”:
  • LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Republican state lawmaker hoping for his party’s nod to run for Senate reportedly referred to Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer as “that Jew” during a recent appearance before a Republican group.

    State Sen. Kim Hendren told The Associated Press…

  • (JTA) — The European Union’s trade chief apologized for saying that rational discussion about Israel was impossible with Jews and that the Jewish lobby is the most influential in Washington.
People all over this “Judeo-Christian Civilization” are falling all over themselves to apologize for remarks about Blacks, about Jews, about everybody…except Muslims. Insult Muslims and it immediately become a “Freedom of Speech” matter and by God, who needs to apologize for that?
On the other hand, Muslims all over the world, appear to be so easily goaded into extra-ordinary passion over nothing…all anyone has to say is something along the lines, “See, this is how I can insult Islam” and we Muslims jump at the chance to take insult.
Would we believe someone who gives us a piece of paper and says this is a $100 bill? No, we would laugh and tell him not to spend it all in one place; the piece of paper does NOT become a $100 dollar bill just because someone says it does, so why do we embrace someone’s idiot representation of our prophet as if it were real?
Muslims should learn to relax and start believing in our faith and in ourselves; that nobody has the power to hurt Islam or us, unless we participate with them in the insult by accepting it as such.
Our egos cannot be allowed to rise above rational thinking.
We need to help set Molly Norris free by supporting her act even though we may feel it was stupid or ill-advised. By doing so, we will also set ourselves free from the accusation that all Muslims know about is violence.

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  1. I just heard you comment on “how sad” that Molly Norris went into hiding. Hypocrite! I will bet you personally threatened Molly Norris!
    By The Way – you Satanic followers of the Satanic Mohammed, have been murdering us for ONE THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED YEARS – AND HAVEN’T EVER STOPPED. When the PAGAN CULT of Rome picked up YOUR TACTICS, 1200 years after God Himself walked among us, you all had been MURDERING THEM as IF they were US, for FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. (in other words – the Crusaders – WHO MURDERED us CHRISTIANS; our spiritual brothers, the JEWS; and others of the Roman Catholic Type CULT – The Romans ONLY did it BECAUSE the Satanic followers of the Satanic Mohammed DID IT FIRST.)


    Comment by Daniel Dirk Horvath | January 8, 2015 | Reply

    • Idiot!
      The Roman Empire had long since fallen when Islam first came on the world scene.
      The Crusaders committed the greatest mass slaughters of ALL the inhabitants of Jerusalem (MUslims, Jews AND Christians) in the history of that city.
      If you should stack all the peoples upon whom the Christian enlightened slaughters took place, the stack in just one century alone, would be greater than the entire stack of people killed by Muslims.
      Check out the history of Spain, where Christians, Jews and Muslims, lived and flourished under Muslim rule…for over 800 years.

      The only things clear in your comments are your utter lack of intelligence and your total bigotry. Go back to high school and this time, pay attention in class.


      Comment by penjihad | January 8, 2015 | Reply

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