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My reactions to prayers this Eid

Eid on the 10th, at least, for some of us; others will have observed their on the 11th. This is because there is a fiercely-held tradition that says the second day of the new moon at the end of the month of Ramadan, is Eid.

This would be fine, except that “moon-sighting” means different things to different groups. Some groups insist on actual moon-sighting by a reliable person or persons, within their region, while others insist on a moon-sighting that has been declared in another country (the Old country, or Arabia, depending on the group). The science for predicting the first day of the new moon, is about a thousand years old, yet so many Muslim scholars insist on this “tradition” because, they say, this is how it was done during the days of the prophet Mohammed. Well, yes, but so were so many other things, but I do not see us following tradition there.
“Tradition” holds that Dawn prayers (start of the day’s fast) begins when one can just start to tell the difference between a white thread and a black one, indicating first light. Similarly, the end of the day (end of the day’s fast) is when one can no longer tell the two threads apart. In between, the day’s prayer times depend on the cast of the sun’s shadow on objects…does ANYONE hold on to these “traditions”? No, watches have been invented and prayer times are in accordance with clock-times.
How many people still carry on the “tradition” of animal transportation instead of cars?
Cooking with wood fires?
Living without electricity? Continue reading

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