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1938 Germany or 2010 USA?

I keep telling people we are in 1938 Germany and if all of us do not ACT and fast, the next few years might well become some of the darkest pages of American history.
Below is a review of a book that is about to be released. Substitute just a few words and reality of today is revealed in stark contrast.
American Media are colluding with the so-called “conservatives” and the so-called “Right wing” when everyone who uses their brain, knows these fear-mongers are neither, but are self-promoting opportunists…just as history tells us, were in The Fatherland.
  • We are being exposed to massive doses of hate-films against Islam and Muslims, by so-called “experts” from the US and outside; videos that have as much to do with reality as stories of Frankenstein.
  • Hate-videos such as “Obsession”, “The Third Jihad”, “Fitna” and (by now) hundreds of others, are being distributed in the tens of millions, polluting naïve and impressionable minds; distributed with the blessing of our media and our political leaders from the Republican Party…faced with silent collusion by the leaders in the Democratic Party.
  • “Experts” are coming out of every sewer, to add fuel to the flames of anti-Muslim hate and fear by their books and presentations.
  • Military and law-enforcement agencies across the nation have embraced to concept of jingoism and anti-Muslim hate, capitalizing on the hate and padding their own budgets. The “experts” are invited to large law-enforcement and military gatherings, to help instill the hate-messages deeper in the psyches of the young and the impressionable.
  • Muslims are being persecuted, tortured, executed and blown up with nary a bored yawn, from public America because Muslims are already seen as dangerous aliens.
  • Even those who have shouted, “Never Again!” in the past, are coming around to think, “Well, maybe just one more time…”
One has to ask how much further can this state of affairs continue before the inevitable consequences follow.
I am afraid for my future and especially for the future of my children.
I feel helpless because There seems like nothing one can do to stop this juggernaut that is being driven by hate and opportunism.
There are many who pooh-pooh my fears by saying, “This can NEVER happen in THIS country! We are the most civilized nation on Earth, with REAL values and the people who promote hate are just not influential people, they are fools“.
Don’t look now, but these words are an echo of the words spoken in Germany during the rise of Der Fuhrer.
Book Review from the Holocaust Memorial Museum (words in brackets added by me):
Claudia Koonz’s latest work reveals how racial popularizers developed the infrastructure and rationale for genocide during the so-called normal years before World War II (Post 9-11).
From 1933 to 1939, Nazi (Post 9-11 American) public culture was saturated with a blend of racial fear and ethnic pride that Koonz calls ethnic fundamentalism.
Ordinary Germans (Americans) were prepared for wartime atrocities by racial concepts widely disseminated in media not perceived as political: academic research, documentary films, mass-market magazines, racial hygiene and art exhibits, slide lectures, textbooks, and humor.
By showing how Germans (Americans) learned to countenance the everyday persecution of fellow citizens labeled as alien, Koonz makes a major contribution to our understanding of the Holocaust.

The Nazi Conscience chronicles the chilling saga of a modern state so powerful that it extinguished neighborliness, respect, and, ultimately, compassion for all those banished from the ethnic majority.


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