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Domestic Violence, it touches us all

I attended a fundraising event for Chaya, an organization that is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence become successful survivors. Chaya also helps families come to a better understanding of how to continue with a successful model that does not permit physical, or emotional abuse in a family. I also has programs that help educate children to grow up with a feeling of respect for each other.   As a board member of Chaya, I am committed to do all I can, to help our various communities not just understand domestic violence, because we all understand what domestic violence is, to one degree or another. No, my job is to help everyone understand that the demon of Domestic Violence lurks everywhere; Continue reading

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An Islamic center and Ground Zero

As plans move forward to building an Islamic center and Mosque near ground Zero in New York, the anti-Muslim and anti-Islam bigots are gathering support and steam. Some opponents tall us that the thirteen story building will house all sorts of “secrets” to help destroy the US, some tell us if a cultural cent-Mosque is permitted so close to Ground Zero, it will be seen as a victory for the extremists. Others do away with such seemingly “rational” excuses and focus on their hate towards Islam; “It will advance Sharia!” they tell us, while not understanding that Sharia has nothing at all, to do with the version poured into us by the media.

The most persuasive arguments are those that hide behind the  real or imaginary sensitivities of the relatives and survivors of the 9-11 tragedy. Continue reading

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