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The Tender Touch of Seattle Police

“I am going to beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you homey, you feel me?”

By now most people must have read or heard the words coming out of Seattle Police officer Shandy Cobane as he kicked a Hispanic suspect…who turned out to be an innocent man. Apparently, a King 5 poll (although not statistically sound) discovered that 70% of the respondents see that the reaction by the authorities is not enough, a startling 30% see that it IS enough!

Any bets on the ethnicities of the said 30%?

Officer Sandy Cobane then showed up at a press conference in tears, “remorseful and ashamed“, according to the reporter.

Cobane was in tears because, as he said, “…my comments have not only embarrassed myself, but have truly let down my colleagues. Colleagues who, without thinking twice, would lay down their lives for me“. He goes on through his blue tears, “To my brother detectives, I offer my sincerest apologies. I hope you will not allow my insensitive comments to taint what the department and the community have worked so hard to build.”

Wonderful! We can all cry with our contrite Police officer and salute the Blue Wall of Police uniforms as they move to protect their own. Politicians being gutless and true to form haven’t yet murmured any words of disgust; the Seattle Council said in a statement that the video of the man being beaten was, “troubling”, Mayor McGinn called the video, “disturbing”. Continue reading

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