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Obama’s Nuclear Conference

Using the powerful and attractive influence of an American President, Obama called a meeting of 47 states, to discuss the threat of nuclear materials leaking into the “civilian” world, possibly in the hands of “trrrrrsts!“, who can then cause mass casualties in “The World“.
During the meeting:
  • Obama had called the 47-nation summit to focus world attention on the threat of nuclear terrorism, a peril he termed the greatest threat facing all nations and a “cruel irony of history” after mankind had survived the Cold War and decades of fear stoked by a U.S.-Soviet arms race.

    A terrorist group in possession of plutonium no bigger than an apple could detonate a device capable of inflicting hundreds of thousands of casualties, he said.

    “Terrorist networks such as al-Qaida have tried to acquire the material for a nuclear weapon, and if they ever succeeded, they would surely use it,” he told the opening session, which convened under tight security at the Washington Convention Center. “Were they to do so, it would be a catastrophe for the world, causing extraordinary loss of life and striking a major blow to global peace and stability.”

Several countries stepped forward and agreed to turn over their enriched Uranium…to Rome
Russia agreed to sell most of its nuclear material…to Rome
Israel of course, maintained its arrogant attitude towards the US and sent a deputy to the meeting instead of their Prime Minister, thus proving once again, that some tails CAN wag their dog.
As usual, the US continued with its policy of a jab at Pakistan and another at Iran, while supporting Indian nuclear plans and shutting their eyes to Indian proliferation in its military reactors.
Another Victory! We can all breathe easier, knowing that “The World” is more secure from “trrrrrsts!“, who would take an apple-sized glob of Plutonium and cause massive catastrophe on “The World“.
Of course, one has to try and understand just what the purpose of such a meeting could have been and just whose sacred cows were being protected here…Rome’s of course!
Rome is the ONLY nation on Earth, that has ever used a nuclear bomb…twice!
Rome and Russia are the only countries to come to the brink of using their nuclear arsenal.
Rome is the only country whose leaders openly called for nuclear bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Rome is the ONLY country that has used nuclear bombs CONTINUOUSLY, since about 1990.
The US has found a way to get rid of its nuclear waste by creating bombs and bullets with Depleted Uranium and then dumping them by the thousands of tons, on “enemy territory”.
The World“, of course, maintains that DU is harmless and simply passes through the body if ingested. True enough if the way into the human body IS through the mouth, but DU burns upon impact and also releases massive amounts of micro-particles when it explodes and they find their way into the human body by being breathed in. Once inside the lungs,, kidneys etc., DU continuously radiates the body and starts destroying DNA and causing congenital defects. One 2004 study (after the first Gulf “War!”), showed a major increase of birth defects among children born in Basra University Hospital while today, birth defects are the norm.
But why should we care?
We were not talking about controlling ‘nucular’ exposure in places occupied by  “trrrrrsts!“, we were talking about “The World“, where we, the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” reside!
It appears that the only concern there is, in the “Democratic and Free” world, is for ourselves and to Hell with the dirty, nameless terrorists and all their supporters.
It would be a great confidence-builder and a sign of credibility that we, in Rome, also care about “them”, by ordering an immediate stop to all ordinance made using DU and then calling another conference of “The World“, to ban DU in any military use. Then Rome could really be seen a being concerned about the possibility of nuclear materials being used to contaminate “The World“.
Someone please tell President Obama.

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