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US: Killing Muslims is easier…

U.S. approves killing of American clericscream today’s headlines and the unthinking American PATRIOTS nod with satisfaction while those who would question the wisdom of such irrevocable action dared not speak for fear of labeled “terrorist sympathizers” and “traitors”.
Yep, its entirely an “us-or-them” world that we have been shoved into, ever since King George the Worst proclaimed, “You are with us or against us”.
Hail Caesar, Hail Rome!
The US and the West keep telling us that this is NOT a “War!” between Islam and Christianity and it is NOT a “War!” between two civilizations. On the other hand, our dedicated enemies…those in the Christian right wing Churches and the MANY Blind Supporters of Israel keep informing everybody that indeed this IS a “War!” between the Judeo-Christian Civilization against Islam.
Based on evidence, we have to accept that our enemies are correct; the Judeo-Christian West is out to get us Muslims.
The most basic question I have is, would the US do to anyone else, what it has done and continues to do, to Muslims?
  • Who else has been imprisoned without due process and then forced to renounce his US citizenship, other than Yaser Hamdi? This man was kept in extreme conditions, in clear violation of the US constitution and then told he would stay there indefinitely unless he gave up his US birth-citizenship AND gave up all rights to fight the way in which his renunciation was extracted.
  • How many non-Muslim people have been openly and clearly murdered by US forces as have people in Afghanistan (and MOST POSSIBLY, Iraq)?
  • How many places have we slaughtered dozens of people in order to kill a “suspect” as we are continuing to do in Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan ( and God knows where else)?
In August of 2009, a US Drone attack killed Baitullah Mehsud along with at least one other person, his wife; there was wide-spread celebration that one more Taliban leader was out of the picture (we do like our euphemisms). Not mention in this story, was also the fact that there had been many prior attempts to “eliminate” this man and in total, we had succeeded in killing at least 29 other people before we “GOT” him.
This raises the serious and most unpatriotic question of why Muslim lives are so cheap that we can burn through them in any quantity and still claim righteous victory and why we dared not do any such thing to our own, Lovely, White Judeo-Christians?
Remember Ruby Ridge? The FBI shot and killed Randy Weaver’s wife and there was all Hell let loose due to the fact that the FBI shot and killed an unarmed woman holding a child.
In 1985, Philadelphia Police dropped a four-pound bomb on a home occupied by members of MOVE who were armed and firing. Still an investigation of that Police action condemned the bombing as unconscionable.
But kill a dozen or more…even a hundred…MUSLIM “suspects” who looked like Taliban (I wonder what THAT looks like?) and there are no consequences, probably due to the tragic fact that leaders of nations where these “elimination” take place, are too far in Uncle Sam’s pocket to emit more than a murmur in response.
It is most frustrating that our leaders can kill with such super-legal impunity and that Muslims in America are so powerless and unable to rally influence that our enemies can hardly keep up with the mounting casualty-count among Muslims as we keep shouting, “Islam is PEACEFUL, we are NOT terrorists!” as if anyone gives a damn.
Now the US, under Obama’s signature, has given the “tally-ho!” order against Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and there is widespread chortling and chuckling as we are demonstrating just how resolute we can be against “terrorism”…when Muzlems are involved! When you read the story, it appears that all the grounds we have for ordering this irrevocable act, are suggestions, “links” and indirect “connections”.
Just THINK! the US can have an American killed, yes KILLED, without any due-process (there wasn’t even a trial in absentia) and without any take-it-to-court evidence…”Hell!” they seem to say, “he is a stinking Muzlem, kill him! so what if he was born here? Don’t bother me with facts, I know what I know, trust me“…

We know that Drones are operated from remote locations in Texas, Louisiana or other locations in America as they bomb civilians overseas. If I were a lawyer, I would round up just five or six surviving family-members of the people killed so casually by our boys here playing video-games and I would launch a class-action law-suit against the US for killing civilians without regard and without due process and I would sue the pants off the bigoted cowards who order such atrocities against people just because they think they can get away with it. That is the only way to communicate with people in America, attack their pocket books.
Yet here we Muslims sit, gaping at the hole that we are fast approaching (or are we being shoved there?), in denial and paralyzed. We thought, hoped and prayed that things would be different under Obama, they were, but we never dreamed just how different. Obama has increased the number of troops in Afghanistan and increased Drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Law-enforcement agencies in America are being trained in increasing numbers, to treat Muslims and Arabs as prime suspects and terrorists even when there is no event occurring and our military is being trained to treat Muslims as the enemy.
As the bands play “Onward Christian Soldiers” and REAL American buy more guns and go on “lock & load”, we Muslims go to work and go to our Mosques, pretending nothing is going wrong.
God, I hope they are right and I am wrong!

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