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Muslim Women are in Trouble!

I was reading a new post from my friend Richard Silverstein’s blog Tikun Olam, he was talking about another assassination campaign by The Clarion Fund, the same one that, together with Aish Ha’Torah, is behind other stellar examples of anti-Muslim fear-mongering like “Obsession” and “The Third Jihad”.
This time, the target is Iran…that nation of murderers who are just itching to kill every American and Jew and who will surely blow up the entire world as soon as they get their dirty hands on (gasp!) “THE BOMB!!!!“. If the Blindly pro-Israeli Lobbies (and there are many) get their way, every Muslim should be subjected to Der Fuhrer‘s Final Solution before everyone in the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” is wiped out. Not only would this protect our sacred “Freedom” and “Democracy”, it would also defend Israel, that other bastion of “Democracy” that is fighting its lonely war for survival as it is forced to kill a few thousand Palestinians every year (they keep reproducing so fast!).
Sarcasm aside, don’t ever underestimate the raw power of the producers of these films, combined with the political power of organizations like AIPAC, ADL, AJC, the Republican Party, hundreds of supporting Synagogues and right-wing Christian Churches and uncountable nutters.
Together, they can mobilize propaganda that would make Goebbels envious, remember, it is just such a Cooperation of Evil that launched the “War!” against Afghanistan and Iraq, killing well over a million humans and layering the two countries with a carpet of gene-deforming Depleted Uranium (half-life = 4.5 BILLION years).
It is just this Coalition of Evil that is behind the persecution of Muslims in America and in the West (as Muslims sit on their hands).
Can it get any worse? Just don’t ask the question…
Richard also noted a rather humorous item…at least, humorous in a dark, unfunny way, for those of us who are not women and maybe hilarious to those of us who are not Muzlem.
I followed his story through a few links and sources and found that the sources are popular but not at all credible, if one is a rational, intelligent human being, but completely TRUE!!!! By God! if one is among the growing numbers of “Patriots”, those who love America (tear rolls down a strong cheek) and are willing to die for THE Flag (rounds get chambered) and to protect America by God! (Cross-hairs on Muzlems).


Don’t laugh. These are the same people who still believe Obama is not a citizen and who believe he is the Anti-Christ; it does NOT take a majority to hijack a nation, just ask Der Fuhrer.
So, where’s the joke, Doc?
Get this, Robert Spencer, that most intelligent “expert” on Islam and Muzlems, says in his blog Jihad Watch, that Muslim women are now getting breast implants of the powerful explosive PETN, so they can evade all kinds of scanners and blow themselves and everyone else, up to kingdom come.
Where did our expert get this information on booby-trapped Muzlem women?
MI5, the British Intelligence, of course! Except that MI5 did not publicly state this “fact”, they told this to the most reliable British newspaper, The Sun, best known for its Page Three nudes, which was quoted in “The Times of India” where our hero got it.
(Scene at an airport near you …)
“Sorry sir, I have to check your daughter for breast implants”
“But she is only four!”
“Sorry, we are not profiling, but she IS a Muzlem”
The provenance is impeccable.
Watch for the next breaking news that Satan is impregnating innocent Christian girls who are giving birth to fully-armed Radical Muzlems!

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