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Peace Prize, Obama and the Muslim World

First published Dec 21, 2009. It grieves me to acknowledge that Obama is more of a flex-politician and less of a statesman that I had hoped he would be, his speech this evening was certainly the gung-ho type of speech that pushed the audience forward, but no one knew where, for how long or why. I was reminded of the recreation of facts that the Republicans used to do through King George the Worst and his three Knights of Darkness, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Ashcroft/Gonsales. Continue reading

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Dare I say “Jihad”?

First published Dec 20, 2009. Occasionally, I use the term “Jihad” in my articles, as the action needed to help make changes to better the ills of society. I often get feedback in which people worry more about my use of the word “Jihad”, than they do about the injustice about which I wrote; some wonder why I would use such a charged word among non-Muslims.

I intentionally use “Jihad” Continue reading

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