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Jihad Jane & the myth of “Freedom of Speech”

It is no small matter; trying to kill someone for whatever reason, shows a singular lack of intelligence and inclinations towards brutality. Of course, seeking to justify the killing by invoking God, religion, “patriotism” or anything else, is simply an insult to the glory of the invoked “cause” and only betrays the small-mindedness of the perpetrators.
So it was with a sense of unreality that I heard about “Jihad Jane” and her attempt to kill Lars Vilks in Sweden, for insulting the prophet Mohammed. I read the story and was struck by the viciousness of the reader comments, it appeared that people were itching to have her killed in most brutal ways and to have her body insulted both before and after she was killed…I wondered whether Jihad Jane’s plans were the brutal issue or the mindset of the “Free and the Brave” who could put voice to such terrible thoughts?
The story brought back many old memories and also raised many frustrations. While it may seem like a simple, straightforward story, it is really a stretched-out story with many different aspects to it and thus, evokes many different responses.
To begin with, thank God for stupid criminals without whom, the world would be a terrible place for us all. Imagine someone broadcasting plans to kill a person and seeking assistance! Apparently that was what caused the FBI to track her…otherwise, they would still be staring at Brown “Muzlems” like well-trained Pointers stare at ducks, while she would complete her evil deed behind them.
Our press and leaders are in a frenzy about “Jihad Jane”, it appears that they can only focus on the Whiteness of her skin, her “blonde hair and blue eyes”, almost as if they were saying, “My God! isn’t it bad enough that the brownies are out to get us, now they have even infected people who look like US they have co-opted our women!!!”.
We have to sympathize with the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”; just when they were getting comfortable with their negative profiling and their targeting of Brown “Muzlems” here comes a left-hook that is forcing them to reconsider the stereotyping…NOW what is the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” to do!!
What was going on in her mind? is this even REAL?
It turns out that this woman was certifiably loony, one of her past neighbors said about her, “She was the weird, weird, weird lady who lived across the hall. We always called her the crazy lady“. She was obviously not all that motivated by a deeply-driven faith because she lived with a boyfriend and moved out only a few months before her mission to kill. She went out with a passion to kill AND to be killed, but then inexplicably returned to the US without making the attempt. Mission not Accomplished.
I am guessing she simply wanted to do something outrageous, one that would attract attention and sound “romantic” in a crazy way, and she picked correctly.
I am surprised that she picked Lars Vilks as her target because Vilks gained notoriety with his “roundabout dogs”, way long ago, back in July of 2007!
Here is where it gets insanely illogical and bigoted in a now-typical “Judeo-Christian” ‘Civilized’ manner and brutishly crazy in a violent, extremist manner…
Sweden has this beautifying move where they try to beautify the plain things in life, among them with dogs on traffic roundabouts. Lars Vilks decided to goad Muslims by creating designs that looked like dogs, but with human faces, he put a turbaned face on one and said he had created an image of the prophet Mohammed.
Some Muslim fanatics, suckers that they are, fell for the bait, no doubt giving Vilks immense satisfaction, and created an international uproar. One has to wonder why the harsh reaction, the Muslims could have said this looks nothing like the prophet Mohammed who certainly did not look like a dog and most likely never wore a turban; Muslims could have remarked on the astounding similarity between the particular roundabout dog, and Lars Vilks’ mother! Vilks would been greatly embarrassed and would have had to apologize to his mother too.
But no, our stalwart defenders of the faith had to react with the same near-hysterical passion that we can see when a kindergarten child is called a “swabot“…”No I am NOT a swabot…Miss! Johnny just called me a swabot!!”
Some group of non-thinkers in Iraq, calling themselves “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” offered $100,000 for his death plus another $50,000 if Vilks were slaughtered like a lamb.
Clearly, there is not enough going on within Iraq, to occupy their attention or their money.
Then again, maybe the bounty was a sadistic gag because nobody deposited the money in an escrow account so it could be safely collected…but nobody asked about it either. I guess “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” thought if someone were stupid enough to make the attempt, they would get caught and the bounty would not have to be paid if the person were in jail!
Anyway, Vilks produced his design for the roundabout dogs and European Press pounced all over them with a bigoted relish reserved only against Islam and Muslims. Loud slogans of “Freedom of Expression” could be heard reverberating from almost every European corner, newspapers published the cartoon and re-published it because they ALL wanted to support Vilks’ right to be as nasty as he wanted to be…and why not?
Making it a “Freedom of Expression” issue creates something Europe can stand tall about; they can then look strong, upright and bold…like they have not had the chance to look since WWII when they were busy helping Der Furhrer herd Jews into wagons. Now at last, Europe can pick on a minority with impunity and revel at it instead of being reviled!
Vilks chose well. He knew if he targeted Muslims, and Islam, he would get fame and fortune (maybe business had been slow for a while…), just as he knew if he chose a different topic, he could be run out of town or even jailed. Vilks did not portray Silvia, Sweden’s Queen-Consort  or,  Crown-Princess Victoria, as one of the roundabout dogs in season….THAT would have been a true test of the much vaunted “Freedom of Expression”…it would also have been very bad for business.
This is the beauty of the myth of “Freedom of Expression”, people can hide behind this slogan to attack the easy targets and when the topics get difficult or unfashionable, they can then accuse the “expression” of being hate-filled, despicable and unworthy of being allowed among the civilized folk.
Europe does that a lot.
Go to almost any country in Europe and try some of the following:
  • Insult someone’s religion (exception: Islam)
  • Insult someone’s race (exception: Arabs)
  • Deny the Holocaust
  • Challenge numbers of the victims of the Holocaust
  • March in Nazi uniform
There are probably more items on the list, but try any one of these tricks in most countries of Europe and you will see the inside of their jails for MUCH longer than you bargained for.
Newspapers know that there are many things they should probably avoid doing, if only because their actions would be likely to hurt someone’s sensibilities, even though they may enjoy “Freedom of the Press”. Thus, newspapers will not publish pictures of children who have been molested, or people who have been killed in a ghastly way, they will no longer publish stereotypical “jokes” and cartoons about Blacks who have suffered the brunt if such sick “humor” for centuries. Not only will such unwise publication cause pain to the public, it will also cause pain to the paper which will get boycotted and roundly vilified.
So the media exercise self-censorship and turn it into a virtue.
Not when it comes to attacking Muslims. At such times of opportunity, from politicians to generals, every scoundrel comes out from under their rocks to take shots at Muslims in the name of “Freedom” and “Democracy”.
As I said, there are MANY aspects to the story of “Jihad Jane”, but we will probably only be treated to the ones that deal with Terrorism, Islam, Homegrown, Blonde and blue eyed, Al-Qaeda and Muzlem…we are not fighting crime, we are fighting ISLAMIC terrorists!
Everyone will have great fun while “experts” are continually asked how we are gong to deal this this new danger of (gasp!) White, homegrown terrorist.
Do YOU know any? time to turn them in…
Post Script:

I did a quick search for “Holocaust Denial as a crime in Europe” and found that the following countries (I am sure I missed some) make it a crime:

  • Austria, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czech Rep, France, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland

…while the EU has not prohibited Holocaust denial outright, a maximum term of three years in jail is optionally available to all member nations for “denying or grossly trivialising crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes”.

The following European countries forbid hate speech, the vilification of religion, or “religious insult”.:

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands, UK.

Religious Insult” is also forbidden in the following European countries:

Andorra, Cyprus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine

33 countries out of 44 in all.

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