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Jihad Jane & the myth of “Freedom of Speech”

It is no small matter; trying to kill someone for whatever reason, shows a singular lack of intelligence and inclinations towards brutality. Of course, seeking to justify the killing by invoking God, religion, “patriotism” or anything else, is simply an insult to the glory of the invoked “cause” and only betrays the small-mindedness of the perpetrators. Continue reading

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Pervez Musharraf visits Seattle

Pakistan’s former President and military ruler, Gen. Pervez Musharraf visited Seattle on invitation of World Affairs council and came to Seattle (Bellevue) on Sunday night as a special guest of the Pakistan Association at a $100 a plate dinner ($1000 per plate if you sat at the special front tables).
I decided to attend at the last minute amid lots of controversy; there were people accusing Musharraf of major human rights violations and there were people who were glowing in their praise for him. Continue reading

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