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Wanted by the FBI:Imams, Dead or Alive

Originally published on Jan 31, 2010. I used to think highly of the FBI, I used to think the FBI may be the last law enforcement agency that can be looked upon, to protect Muslims in times of rising anti-Muslim hysteria.
Note the past tense…
That was before I realized how much anti-Muslim, anti-Islam programming had been hammered into the entire institution.
Before I realized the FBI was an extension of “Extra-ordinary Rendition” practices that the US was involved in to torture Muslims by proxy, in third countries (willing Muslim regimes).
It was also before I realized that the path to promotion within the FBI, depended on how many Muslim scalps were hanging off an FBI agent’s belt.
Now I no longer trust the FBI, I have an enduring feeling that the FBI is friendly to Muslims ONLY because they regard each of us as potential informers and infiltrators…tools who can be imprisoned as well, if our use and value depreciates.
Before I continue, I have to reiterate that I STILL want our youth to join the FBI and work to the highest standards that the FBI should actually be representing. We Muslims ARE Americans as well and like it or not, we ARE going to have interactions with the FBI so, why not have our fellow Muslims working in the organization? Perhaps they can help educate the FBI better about Muslims and help lower the institutional anti-Muslim hysteria within it.
America’s internal might is being arrayed against Muslims by programming our Police forces, our other law-enforcement agencies and our military, to distrust and despise Muslims and Islam. This growing situation makes it imperative that Muslims get involved in every branch of law-enforcement agencies and our military PLUS the political fields, in order to make the faces of Muslims, an everyday matter; it is much harder to hate or distrust a person whose eyeballs have met one’s own and with whom one has had conversations.
Now for the tragedy of the FBI killing of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah of Dearborn, Michigan.
It turns out that he was shot 21 times by the FBI, it is tragic that the FBI is proving to be just as trigger-happy as Police…what is the point of shooting ANYONE that many times? Do they have a count afterwards to see who got a bullet in the “target” so they can praise or slap an agent depending on whether they found his bullet in the “target” or not?
The preliminary details of the autopsy also say he was found handcuffed, by the medical examiner. Was he handcuffed before, or after he was killed?
If he was handcuffed after he was shot, what was the point of handcuffing a man who was pouring out blood from 42 holes in his body and obviously dead or dying?
The report further says the Imam shot the FBI dog sent inside to attack the Imam. Well, if I were armed and I saw a dog coming at me, I don’t think I would be looking to start a conversation with the dog, I would shoot it too. But the report does not establish whether a gun was found in the Imam’s possession and if so, whether the bullets that killed the dog, came from such a gun.
The we also have the situation where the Local Police went to court to suppress the autopsy report for months until they had prepared their own report. This is unprecedented; autopsy reports are generally released the moment they are complete and they are usually completed within days.
Dearborn Police Chief will “likely” (“likely”?!! what does THAT mean?) hold a press conference on Monday when more details will be discussed. We certainly hope at least enough of our questions will be satisfactorily answered by then, but I don’t hold my breath.
In the meantime, actuarial assessments on the life-expectancies (or chances of “detentions”) of Muslim Imams in America are being recalculated downwards.
Imams should exercise great caution

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