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Teaching Hate in our Schools

I reviewed some of the material that is designed to be distributed to many American public schools as “an introduction to Islam” in the form of a TEN-volume set called “The World of Islam“.
Hiding behind a veil of presenting “an honest attempt to educate children“, the list of authors of this 10-volume set looks like a cherry-picked group of people dedicated to the promotion of hate and fear of Islam and Muslims. I note with deep pain that many Jewish organizations seem to have arrayed themselves in a misguided attempt at “defending Israel” by seeking to destroy Muslims and Islam for the next  so many generations…by indoctrinating children’s hearts and souls.
Many Christian and Jewish groups, speakers and organizations seem to make it their mantra to claim that “They (Muslims) teach their children to hate“. I would truly be interested in being shown even one example where the “teaching hate” is as institutional or, so deep a focus by Muslims…ANYWHERE…as it appears to be in Europe and the US…the so-called Judeo-Christian Civilization.
The effects of these hate-campaigns can very soon become catastrophic, creating deep and possibly irrevocable divisions between faith-groups and ultimately, leading to a Hitlerian “Final Solution”. No, I am NOT creating a Chicken Little  catastrophic image, it can turn out to be all-too real if it is not stopped now!
These hate-mongering campaigns will not stop by demanding “Muslims should rise against extremism“; we already do, whenever we can. This rush off the cliff and into the swamps and gutters of hate and genocide, will only stop when members of the so-called, “Judeo-Christian Civilization” will make it their individual and collective goal to write to the hate-mongers and to their patrons and to would-be customers, rejecting hate- and fear-mongering as a tool for “education” of children AND of adults and telling them to stop.
Then following up with public actions if they don’t stop.
An endorsement and review by the Association of Jewish Libraries, for this set of books says:
  “. . . a standout . . . solid historical background. . . . A reader will finally understand the inherent hostility to Western values that is part of the essence of Islamic fundamentalism.”
No amount of word-softening prefixes (“Radical”, “Fundamentalist” etc.,) or suffixes (“Extremist”, “Terrorist” etc.,) to ‘Muslim’  or to ‘Islam’ can move the focus off the real targets which are Arabs, Islam and Muslims…in any order.
No amount of “Interfaith action” can ever substitute for REAL action against bigotry and NOW is the time for it.
The authors of the ten-volume set could not have been better selected as an assassination squad against Arabs, Islam and Muslims, not one of them is known to have written a well-recognized treatise on Islam, Arabs or Muslims. If the desire to teach children about Islam and Islamic history were sincere instead of a well-disguised hate- and fear campaign, the producers would have found at least some of the MANY, much-respected scholars who know about Islam and the history of Muslims, people like Rabbi Reuven Firestone, Karen Armstrong, John Esposito, Tariq Ramadan and untold others. The first two are not Muslims, but they are compassionate intellectuals whose approach to the topic is neutral and scholarly.
I have seen many “civilized” character assassinations of Muslims and Islam under the guise of a “balanced” approach, but inevitably, the “Balance” seems to be to “prove” just how murderous and violent Islam and Muslims are.
One would not dream of learning about Jews and Judaism by reading works by Nazis, nor would one look to learn about Blacks, by works of the KKK. But when it comes to teaching about Islam and Muslims, people seem to have no compunctions about using  writers whose works at best, barely conceal their bigotry.
They DO teach children to hate, but it appears that the  “they” is the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”.
Some excerpts and comments about the ten volumes follow:
Divisions in Islam     John C. M. Calvert, <>  Creighton University:
If the following is to be considered Creighton’s view of Islam, than he is obviously looking to create connections of violence and Islam, in the minds of the young…a hate-agenda that will pass on through at least another generation.
  • The Contexts of Religion and Violence“As for Islam, Muslim activists throughout history have evoked jihad in the effort to spread the faith and defend it from its enemies, often in ways that employ violence”.
History of Islam    Dr. Barry Rubin
  • Director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center and editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal. While it appears that he does hold relatively reasonable views about Islam and Muslims, his perspective clouds over when he is discussing Muslims in context of defending Israel…suddenly the opponents are transformed into intractable “Radical Islamists” (like Turkey) for whom the only solution he appears to support is: “The Islamist movements will only be defeated by the destruction of violent groups as well as a widespread perception among Muslims that they either cannot take power or are a disaster as rulers.” Rubin loves Mark Steyn, who famously promoted the ridiculous, but fear-inspiring thesis that Muslims in Europe (“Eurabia“) will attain an impossible 40% population by 2020.

Islam in Europe    Michael Radu:

Radu, like the rest of the stable of these “authors”, seem to be focused on ensuring the inseparability of Islam and violence becomes a permanent part of the student’s consciousness.

  • They’re Here!  We are being told ad nauseam that “most Muslims do not support terrorism” – a very dubious claim in places like Gaza and the West Bank, Pakistan and Yemen – and at best irrelevant elsewhere, since we know that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Islam, Law and Human Rights    Anna Melman
Muslims in America     Anna Melman
  • Assistant Editor in Barry Rubin’s GLORIA (see above). I once read her article about Islam and Muslims, in The Wall Street Journal and found it to be full of fantasy and fear-mongering. My response was published in the British edition of WSJ but I received no response from Melman …Jeff Siddiqui
Islamic-Jewish Relations Before 1947     Tanya Sklar 
  • Could not find information of any substance…Jeff Siddiqui
Islamic Rituals and Celebrations     Dorothy Kavanaugh
The Muslim World:     Dorothy Kavanaugh
  • Could not find information of any substance…Jeff Siddiqui
The Monotheistic Religions:     Abe M. Cohen
  • Could not find information of any substance…Jeff Siddiqui
Radical Islam     Alan Luxenberg
  • Based on some readings, I understand his prime goal is to promote the state of Israel…not that it is a bad thing in itself, it is only when people become so enthusiastic about “defending Israel” that they start to attack Islam and Muslims, that I have issues with them….Jeff Siddiqui
 If “American values” are truly more than a propaganda scheme to justify our excesses and atrocities, then Americans of good will, regardless of partisanship, will have to stand up as individuals and as groups and reject hate-mongering by groups whose sole purpose appears to be, to promote hate and fear towards Muslims and Islam.
As adults, we are merely custodians of History while Children are our future; we cannot allow people…even sincere people…to promote the Evil of bigotry in their hearts, or the next chapters in our history might well look like Bosnia or Rwanda.

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  1. I am surprised to read in this blog that I “love” Mark Steyn. On what basis is this said? Steyn quotes me and I’ve never quoted or remarked on him. And I was not talking about the Turkish regime–obviously–in what you quoted. I said “violent” groups which means al-Qaida, Hamas, and Hizballah but not others. Radical Islaists doesn’t mean regular Muslims but revolutionary groups seeking to seize state power in large part by killing Muslims. Anna Melman has never written an article in the Wall Street Journal as far as I know. You might be confuing her with someone else. I do hold reasonable views, as you suggest, and you will probably think so if you only quote me accurately.


    Comment by Barry Rubin | February 3, 2010 | Reply

    • I am sure I can find the sections where you voiced your admiration for Mark Steyn (where else would I have found such reference?), but I have no wish to dredge through the same stuff I went over before I wrote my piece.
      My quote of your remarks is perfectly accurate; you should not be writing stuff you do not mean or, you should expand on the item with enough clarity that it would not confuse the impressionable.
      You have noted your displeasure regarding the Turkish “regime” enough times for the reader to be clear about your meaning; why must people regard a Muslim Administration in Turkey as the first step towards repression when the same people waxed long and eloquent in their praises of the VERY repressive, so-called, “secular” regimes in Turkey? Muslims have not had the freedom to practice their faith and be part of the civil leadership since 1922, they have been killed, tortured and their lives have been destroyed in Turkey…all while the “civilized West” was lavishing Turkey with money, weapons and praise.
      Why would you or anyone else consider Hamas and Hizballah “violent” or “Radical”? What have they done or said, that has not been trumped by a thousand times, by “civilized” nations such as Israel, the US or, just about any other member of the so-called, “Judeo-Christian Civilization”?
      When was the last time you wrote an opinion against the continuing genocide of Palestinians by Israel, or the genocide of Iraqis by the US or the slaughter of the Afghans and the Somalis, by the US or, the slaughter of Chechens by Russia?
      If you or anyone else, were to issue condemnations of violence committed by anyone, regardless of their faith, you will find me right there next to you, supporting your condemnations. But when you decide to condemn groups that just happen to be Muslim, then I can only conclude that you belong to the growing number of people (Jews and Christians) who love Israel so much that they are willing to destroy every Arab or Muslim in order to make a secure Israel. Such a position may be popular, but it is inhuman and has no place in civil discourse. It is most distressing to see our children’s innocence being imprinted with latent biases against Arabs and Muslims.
      I support Israel’s right to exist AND the right of Jews to live there in peace…but only as equals alongside Muslim and Christian Palestinians; I believe every person who loves peace, justice and human dignity, should have the same view.

      If you think I have it wrong, send me a set of the ten volumes. I will read them and if I find them to be fair and reasonable towards Muslims and Islam, you have my word that I will not only retract everything I have said, but I will write an endorsement of the work as well AND I will persuade other Muslim groups to revise their rejection of what we consider now to be just another “civilized” attack on Islam and Muslims.


      Comment by penjihad | February 4, 2010 | Reply

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