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Wanted by the FBI:Imams, Dead or Alive

Originally published on Jan 31, 2010. I used to think highly of the FBI, I used to think the FBI may be the last law enforcement agency that can be looked upon, to protect Muslims in times of rising anti-Muslim hysteria.
Note the past tense…
That was before I realized how much anti-Muslim, anti-Islam programming had been hammered into the entire institution.
Before I realized the FBI was an extension of “Extra-ordinary Rendition” practices that the US was involved in to torture Muslims by proxy, in third countries (willing Muslim regimes).
It was also before I realized that the path to promotion within the FBI, depended on how many Muslim scalps were hanging off an FBI agent’s belt. Continue reading

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Teaching Hate in our Schools

I reviewed some of the material that is designed to be distributed to many American public schools as “an introduction to Islam” in the form of a TEN-volume set called “The World of Islam“.
Hiding behind a veil of presenting “an honest attempt to educate children“, the list of authors of this 10-volume set looks like a cherry-picked group of people dedicated to the promotion of hate and fear of Islam and Muslims. I note with deep pain that many Jewish organizations seem to have arrayed themselves in a misguided attempt at “defending Israel” by seeking to destroy Muslims and Islam for the next  so many generations…by indoctrinating children’s hearts and souls. Continue reading

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