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ADL Scraping the Bottom of the Hate-Gutter…Again!

Every time elections come around, politicians become REAL PATRIOTS (by God!) and talk about how terrifying the world is (“Did you notice how them Muzlems are out to kill us all?”) and then present themselves are the best hope for survival of our “Judeo-Christian values” (“Vote for MEEEEEE!”).
Fear is a great driving factor when one is trying to rally the people into action…and bigotry is the easiest avenue to wake the nation; ask Der Fuhrer, Milosevic, Habyarimana…Joe McCarthy, they will tell you success depends on how one uses propaganda against a minority, to achieve personal glory.
Speaking of Der Fuhrer, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) seems to have learnt the lessons of hysteria and propaganda against a minority, from the past misfortunes of their own collective group, the Jews.
Every time the ADL launches a fundraiser, we Muzlems are the principal target to use in order to whip up hysteria among the already scared (from generations of persecution) Jews: “Look how the Muzlem terrorists are out to get America (and Jews too!), we need a defense against them (did we mention how successful WE are against them trrrrsts?)!” In between fundraisers, the ADL seems to make sure their constituencies (the scared-out-of-their-wits Jews) are kept aware of the Muzlem (“Radical” is prefixed to help make the medicine go down) threat to America (and Jews, don’t forget the Jews!”).
The ADL, this organization that is dedicated to “…fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry“, seems to thrive in creating fear and hate against Islam and Muslims whenever it can find an excuse to do so. In their actions against Islam and Muslims, they once ran a major campaign to outlaw students who are seen with the Muslim Shehada  ( “there is no god but one God & Mohammed is his prophet“), because, the ADL claimed, this is a symbol of terrorism. Their offices have promoted bigotry and hate against Islam and Muslims through other Jewish organizations, but when it came to a matter of hate BY Jews, the ADL performs a disappearing act that would make magicians envious.
Money and self-promotion; is there anything the ADL will not do, to succeed at raising money and elevation self-promotion?
The ADL states that it is training law enforcement officers about hate-crimes and extremism (“more than 125,000…from FBI to local Police”)…this is enough to cause a shiver of revulsion and fear to course thorough the spines of every Muslim and Arab…God only knows how deeply but subtly the ADL creates hate and suspicion against Muslims as they “train law enforcement officers”!
We know from the past, that their cozy relationship with law enforcement in California has resulted in the production of lists of people to watch…Muzlems, of course! More recently, they trained their gun-sights on a Muslim convention, claiming it is promoting anti-Semitism when in fact, the organizers had disinvited a couple of speakers when they discovered their bigoted viewpoints…would that Jewish organizations do the same!
This degenerating state of affairs between Muslims and Jews is not good; it is a cycle of hate and fear that feeds off each other’s hates and fears and the world is NOT made safer by it!
So far, Muslims have been successfully portrayed as the hate-filled, murderous people among whom there are no such things as “moderate” unless they repudiate what the Quran says…in effect, repudiate their faith. This picture is presented repeatedly by Jewish organizations including Synagogues; this is a tragic agenda that may raise some short-term money, but it is a long-term creator of hate, not a fighter of hate.
I have so many Jewish friends, people whom I cherish and people whom I trust as much as my most trusted other friends so it grieves me deeply when I see hate-promotion in Synagogues and by local Jewish organizations and my friends do not seem to take any notice or take stands against such bigotry.
Are we just friends for appearances? is there some deep vein of fear that organizations and Synagogues manage to tap, that renders my friends mute and paralyzed?
These are my FRIENDS!!! if they cannot move to stop such growing hate, then how am I to ever imagine that hate will be on its way down anytime in the future?
I know in times of duress, most people prefer to stay passive; we saw that in Europe as the Nazis were rounding up Jews, Gypsies and others, to death-camps, we saw the phenomena of a silent population repeated everywhere, throughout history, in the US, in Palestine, in Serbia, in Rwanda…but WHY must we allow it to continue?!!!
When will we stand up and take our own little stand to help break the cycle of history?
Maybe its because we are all standing still, waiting for the other…”you first” is so easy and it absolves us from taking action, because our actions become dependent on the “other”.
If this course of events continues, then the only things we can all be certain of, are that the hate-mongering politicians will continue to get elected, fear-mongering organizations will continue to make money and our children will continue to live in hate and fear.
What a future!

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  1. The ADL SUCKS TO THE MAX. Terrible self-hating Bolsheviks MONSTERS.
    Did you see what these EVIL snakes did to Limbaugh? They called HIM an anti-semite, just because he asked if liberal Jewish people regretted Obama, talk about the gutter, what total LOSERS.


    Comment by themadjewess | February 3, 2010 | Reply

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