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Profiling: “Terrorism” and other crimes

A young Nigerian tried to blow up a passenger airplane as it approached Detroit and fortunately, succeeded in burning himself instead; It could have been disastrous.
The bigots and the ignorant have been having one field day after another, ever since.
Loud proclamations could be heard, to the effect:
  • “He was a devout Muslim!” (now THERE is a true mark of a trrrrst!)
  • “What to do about these Muslim terrorists?”
  • “He was Muslim, flying one-way, had no luggage and paid with cash”
  • “Muslims between 18 and 28 years of age, should be strip-searched before letting them board a plane”, said a retired US General (why not just shoot them all, General?)
In the meantime, The US created a list of 14 countries from which all passengers will be subjected to extra security measures that include a full body pat-down and examination of all luggage; interestingly, perhaps tellingly, Cuba is the only non-Muslim country on the list of 14. In true, pander-to-the-loud-bigots fashion, America took resolute action without any real substance.
Profiling. The true expression of bigotry, comes to the fore again as we march closer to a fascist-state mentality in a country that proclaims its love for “Democracy” and “Freedom” so much that it is willing to kill millions to set them free. Our law-enforcement agencies protest how they do not profile, only to be found persecuting Blacks, Latinos and Muslims across the country as the crime rates continue to soar.
It has to be said that to a certain degree, profiling is a necessary element of everyday life; we use it in science, in marketing, in the areas of leisure and security, but the key is not that we profile, the key is what we DO when we profile.
In science, we develop models (profiles) that will be responsive to certain tests and focus our R&D in that direction.
In the pursuit of profit, we develop profiles of the most likely candidates who will support our enterprise and focus our efforts to market to them.
In leisure, we lock on to who will be enjoying certain products most and we try to sell to them; we break this market by age, by race, by financial capacity, by education or any other way, as long as we can sell them our products.
In general, this sort of profiling will not hurt our target markets, although we might experience a loss of wealth if we pursue the wrong market like trying to sell space in retirement communities, to those between 20 and 40; we learn, re-focus and either reap a profit or, go out of business and that is the end of that.
In the world of “security” and law “enforcement”, things are very different. They do have to do a certain degree of profiling in order to be more pro-active in their work…seeing someone peering inside a bank might warrant at least some questions, if it is at 3:00 a.m. in the morning or, seeing an angry-looking White man with shaved head, moving towards a crowd of young Black kids would probably warrant a lengthy observation.
But one doesn’t just start shooting at the White guy, or arrest the man outside the bank just because of “an abundance of caution”; one exercises care.
It is the exercise of bigotry while profiling, that makes the very act of profiling unacceptable and repulsive. But this very exercise of bigotry during profiling is what the people of the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” appear to be clamoring for and at every level, be it in institutions or public places, people seem to demand that we go through the motions of appearing to be concerned about security, without actually achieving any security…as long as our efforts focus on the targets of today’s fashion, the “Muzlems“!
the US Department of (Homeland) Fatherland Security has been paying millions of dollars to so-called “security” training companies, whose job it is to teach our law enforcement officers and agents, how to identify Muslims and Arabs by name and take preventive action against them because, Muslims ARE the source of all violence against the West. One company (Security Solutions International – SSI) alone boasted that they have trained thousands of law-enforcement officers in their “most successful” program against “Jihadists” which is clearly an anti-Islam, anti-Muslim program. Just imagine the systemic poisoning of minds of the very people who are being paid and armed, to protect people on the streets of America (Black Americans can imagine this much more clearly than the rest), the minds of our law enforcement officers who “graduate” from these courses, will remain hostile to Arabs and Muslims for at least a generation if not longer.  
Writer-Philosopher, Eric Hoffer once said, “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket”. It fits our “War!” against “terror” to a ‘T’.
While the Brave and the Patriotic are busy chasing the stereotypical “Muzlems“, the actual criminals can waltz in under many different profiles; Muslims can look just like “civilized” Europeans, they can be from countries other than the list of 14. Potential terrorists are also smart enough to carry luggage and buy return tickets, paid by credit-cards or checks.
And while the Brave and the Patriotic are busy looking for the usual (“Muzlem“) suspects the many non-Muslim terrorists can and will pass under their radar and the question will as asked…again…”How did this happen?!!!”. We could have told you a long time ago, Kemo sabe.
Post-9/11 and to date, the worst cases of terrorism have been planned and nearly implemented by people other than Muslims and all, “home-grown”. Had they succeeded…
  • A small number of Christians would have killed thousands of people by using just a small number of cyanide bombs they had in their possession.
  • Some would have imported ground-to-air missiles intended for use against airliners
  • Some would have blown up dozens of buildings with people in them
  • A couple would have blown up building equivalent to an entire city block
 Successful ones who were also non-Muslim and “home-grown” managed to…
  • Mail anthrax letters
  • Mail letter-bombs
  • Deploy pipe-bombs
  • Use a car in a suicide-bomb attempt (it failed to detonate)
Don’t even look at all the gun-deaths in the US, where we managed to list Muslim killers under “terror” and the non-Muslim killers under “shootings”. As long as we continue to tap-dance around the real issues, we can just forget about anything but an escalation of the cycle of violence and counter-violence, in which nobody knows any more, which is the violence and which is the counter-violence.
While we are at it, can we junk the “War!”-bit and simply fight crime?
Our culture seems to be more and more attracted by violence, so much so, that terms like ‘force’ and ‘war’ are used where we should think in more peaceful terms and peaceful terms are used when we are in the depths of unimaginable violence; our Police has become “law enFORCEment” and are wearing battle uniforms, our ‘Immigration Service’ has become “Immigration & Customs enFORCEment” while Torture has become “enhanced interrogation” and “information extraction”.
In order to be taken seriously and in order to succeed with the full participation of ALL, we need to be painfully honest with everyone including with ourselves. We cannot allow ourselves to “luxury” of sanctioned bigotry in order to please others or, in order to burnish our career-prospects. We cannot conceal our bias by pretending to treat everyone equally; in effect (as a friend pointed out), ban everyone from sleeping under a bridge because we all know that the rich will not sleep under a bridge, while the poor will be deprived of one more shelter from the weather.
Nobody is fooled when we use terms like “Islamic terrorism” or, “Jihadist terror”, we all know the real object of our wrath are Muslims. If it is real terrorism that we wish to oppose, then we should be as steadfast in identifying terrorist activities by “our” groups (Jews and Christians) as we are when we target Muslim groups. Such a position will have the benefit of reassuring a currently disenfranchised people (Muslims) while reducing the actual crimes that we label under “terrorism”. Let us dispense with the term “terrorism” because of its selective application, and let us attack the crimes that are planned or committed and then we can have a higher expectation of reducing violence.

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