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Muslim? Don’t scratch your nose…

The ever-growing number of bigots in America can barely restrain themselves as they silently thank Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, for his botched attempt to blow up an airline…NOW they can let their bigotries loose again and be blessed as REAL Patriots for it!!!
From the FBI, a department of Fatherland Security that has yet to be seen as objective as far as Muslims are concerned, to Joe Six-pack and John Patriot, everybody will be shooting for Muzlems wherever they can…the hunt is on…again!
Black? You’re are screwed…again!!
Muzlems and the rest of those Trrrst-looking Darkies had better watch out, we are keeping a sharp eye out for them, remember, it is better to sacrifice a few innocent Muzlems (is there such a thing?) than to allow another 9-11. God Bless America!!
The bigots will find their loudspeakers again, the politicians will become even more “patriotic” and the hysteria will ratchet ever higher because the people of good will have lost their voices.
Two men flying from Orlando to Phoenix were “detained” because a passenger reported them speaking in some “frrrn language” while looking like A-rabs.
The FBI must have the term “abundance of caution” in their scripted list of words to use whenever they want to go out bashing Muslims to burnish their own careers.
When one hapless Nigerian businessman flying from Europe was sick on the flight, the crew decided that he was spending “an unusually long time in the bathroom”. The man was probably given the third-degree interrogation by the flight-crew and so he became angry (“verbally disruptive”). Poor fool, he was probably suffering under the delusion that as a paying customer, he was entitled to courtesy! Since 9-11, flight crew must be feeling like lords of the skies because they can push passengers (especially Muzlems) around with impunity. All-too many Muslims have been kicked of flights, sometimes in handcuffs because some idiotic but bigoted crew-member was “not comfortable” with the swarthy visage (“Trrrsts! git ’em!!).
Anyway, the FBI exercised “an abundance of caution”, pulled the craft off to the side upon landing, interrogated the man and searched all baggage. Then they concluded that the man was actually sick and that was why he was spending all this time in the can.
“abundance of caution”!!!!
What does this mean? that we decided to do things to Muzlems that we would not dream of doing to people of the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”?
I recall over a year ago, the second-in-command of the Seattle FBI launched a nationwide alert, looking for some “Muzlem-lookin” men because they had been seen on different ferries, taking pictures of the ferries.
“We acted out of an abundance of caution” said FBI Agent Gomez.
When I cross-examined the statements the Special Agent Gomez had made I found holes in the arguments that would allow trucks through; I was shocked that people with such deeply-held bigotries and such a blatant lack of (or disregard for) logic, would have such immense powers of literally life or death, over Muslims in this country (or, torture outside).
  • Agent Gomez could not determine from the many “sightings” on ferries, that the men on one ferry were the same or different from the men on another ferry, even when the “suspects” were detained until the State Patrol came and it was clear that the groups were different
  • Agent Gomez said the men were taking pictures of door locks, but could not point to a single fact of ANY ferry locks, that would be different from the locks one could buy from a local hardware store
It was CLEAR, however, that the men looked Muzlem, that should be enough for any Patriot. As I delved deeper and exposed more of the irrational and bigoted thinking that went into this nation-wide alert, Agent Gomez got up, accused me of “posturing” and left.
Start looking for signs at airports that read, Muzlem or look like one? No scratchin, no speakin ferrn tungs, bathroom limit: 90 seconds”

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