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Protect us from Our Protectors!

(First Published April 20, 2007) A few days ago, the FBI raided the Somali Grocery Store in South Seattle.

Guns drawn, everybody was ordered to hit the floor…it was most dramatic! I am sure our law enforcers were pretty psyched up and I am relieved that nobody jumped up when this raid occurred because only God knows what could have happened under such itchy fingers.

It seems, the FBI was not looking to arrest anyone at the grocery store; they wanted information from a travel agency that was using some space within the store. This begs the question: if all the FBI needed was information from a business not really suspected of being bomb-builders, why the hype? Why the guns? Would it have hurt anyone if a couple of agents had walked in (with backup outside), shown their warrants and then demanded the computers that they so forcefully removed?

Would the FBI have treated a QFC in this hostile manner?

Muslims these days are more than a little jumpy and the Administration does not help allay Muslims’ fears by targeting Arabs and Muslims and locking them up under extra-constitutional circumstances.

Random checks seem to occur with uncanny regularity on Arabs and Muslim citizens returning from Canada seem to be targeted for particularly hostile treatment by our border guards who have locked Muslims for hours before letting them go without explanations. With such “isolated coincidences”, Muslims can be forgiven if they feel targeted by our alphabet-soup of enforcement agencies.

It looks like whenever a Muslim individual or business is involved, things seem to start from the extreme end-point by our enforcers who have sworn to defend the constitution of the United States. My old eyes are probably too weak to see the tiny print on the constitution that must read, “Void when not used, especially where Arabs or Muslims are involved”.

Investigation and logic go down the drain when Muslims are involved. Some years ago there was a most dramatic raid on another South end Somali store…by the ASDA!! It seems that ASDA got very upset because their computers saw more food coupons being used in a very short time, than was normally possible. The involvement of Somali Muslims clinched it and the raid was on!

Days of investigations later, it turned out that a number of Somali families would call in their orders in advance. They would then carpool and pick up all their separate orders in a cluster. Had the ASDA made a few calls, they would not have had to act in such a hair-trigger manner and America would still have remained safe for our children!

Around that time, the FBI also raided a Somali store that was sending money to the families back on the Old country, from Somalis Americans here. The FBI said these stores were sending the money to the families but still skimming about 5% for Al-Qaeda off the top. As our President would say, “In other words”, $100 dollars would be paid into a store here, $100 would be given to the family in backwater Somalia AND Al-Qaeda would still get 5% on the deal.

Boy, show me how this can be done and I’m in! Retirement, here I come!

Recently a Somali Imam was imprisoned and tried for massive violence-planning. When the trial date came, a number of Somali families with small children, showed up in support of Sheikh Ibrahim, only to see sharpshooters at rooftops near the courthouse and a highly-orchestrated atmosphere of intimidation. During the trial, the only two witnesses were found to have lied; one was a professional informant who was paid about $300,000 by the FBI “for expenses”; he said he heard the sheikh exhort violence in English and Somali sermons…several times.

Except that the Sheikh did not speak enough English to even get by, let alone, give a stirring sermon. Eventually, the Imam was deported back to Somalia.

Muslim, Black, Somali…can’t be too sure these days, we KNOW there are Sleeper Cells everywhere.

Contrast this with the recent release of Luis Posada Carriles, who has admitted to bombing and airline and killing 74 people in it. His CIA files show him involved in cocaine smuggling into the US and participating in bombing hotels and civilians…in Cuba.

Christian, White, Cuban…another coincidence, I am sure!

It could also be that in a nation of equals, everyone is more equal than Muslims.

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