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Swiss anti-Islam vote draws protests from Jews and Christians

I suppose I have an extra-thin skin when dealing with issues that appear to be anti-Islam even if the wording is couched differently and the past eight years of special persecution of Muslims has only sharpened my senses and paranoia; I am reminded of the quote, “Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not after you“!
I get very jumpy when I hear the more “civilized” voices making a distinction between “moderate” Islam and “radical” Islam; Islam is the unchanging faith, just as are Judaism and Christianity, it is only in the interpretation and the action, that one can say something is violent or peaceful and then it must be directed at the ACT and the perpetrator, rather than condemning the faith by calling it “radical” or, patronizing the faith by calling it “moderate”.
Unfortunately we ALL fall victim to jargon that is placed before us and tend to take on the same phraseology…even Muslims do that!
Jargon underscores and strengthens jargon and pretty soon, we find ourselves in a frame that is not of our creation, defending phrases and clichés created for us by the ill-informed or the bigots….like “Radical” and “Moderate” Islam.
Thus it was, that I was pleased with the condemnation of the Swiss vote (reported in JTA), but concerned by the acceptance of the “Islamic threat”, at least indirectly:
  • Cernov joined Bernheim in calling for dialogue rather than legal restrictions to tackle the issue of the growing Muslim presence in Europe.
    “The moment something is a formal restriction, debate and critical response to the issue is closed,” Cernov said. “This can lead in a very short time to a polarization or radicalization of the question.”
    Philip Carmel, spokesman for the Conference of European Rabbis, also stressed the need for dialogue rather than restrictions. He said the group’s rabbis at their recent conference in Moscow had condemned the posters supporting the referendum.
    “It is not by banning minarets that one combats Islamic fundamentalism in Europe,” Carmel said, “but by engaging in serious dialogue with moderate forces within Islam to build a united and democratic Europe.”
Must Islam be regarded as a threat or alien to Europe? if so, how does one define “Europe”…all Christian and no Jew? All Catholic? All protestant? All Orthodox of some sort? All White and “Aryan”?
Should Europe be “united” such that all of Europe is goose-stepping together?
I feel as though the “moderate Europeans” are fawning and pandering to the extremist forces in Europe so as not to appear alienated from “Mother Europe”.
It seems to me that Jews, of all people, should remain keenly vigilant against anti-Islam, anti-Muslims moves in the “civilized West” because this is how the Brown-shirts came into being. Jews had better wake up to the fact that once the “Muslim threat” has been “removed”, the only significant religious minority remaining will be Jews.
Don’t look now, but the Churches that are such staunch supporters of Israel and Jews, are only supporting them because of the Churches’ messianic drive to bring about Judgment Day…which ordains the destruction of all Jews.
Large Jewish organizations should take note and repudiate their blind support of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim propaganda, which they promote by supporting the production and dissemination of calumnious “documentaries” like, “Obsession”, “Suicide Killers”, “The Third Jihad” and so many more or, by inviting “experts” like Geert Wilders, Daniel Pipes and so many more who spread falsehoods about Muslims and Islam, to address large gatherings of the gullible.
Muslims and Jews especially, but all of humanity, needs to understand that there is no future in harboring hate and while there may be some risk in embracing the “other”, there is only the certainty of mutual doom, in hating the “other”.

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