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Kerry-Lugar or, S. 962: Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009

Well, the good news is that the US has decided to give Pakistan $1.5 BILLION a year for five years, renewable for another five, under Senate Bill S. 962: Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009.
The bad news is the the US publicly spat on the money before offering it to Pakistan.
We in the US, believe so strongly in the Almighty Dollar, that we are astounded and hurt…offended even, that the dirt-poor Pakistanis should have the temerity to denounce our largesse! On one hand, the Bill in Section 9.4, instructs the US to “seek ways to strengthen our countries’ mutual understanding and promote greater insight and knowledge of each other’s social, cultural and historical diversity…”, but on the other hand, it turns the section into a joke by the ham-handed manner in which the bill is constructed.
The bill starts off with a resounding slap to Pakistan by listing a number of violent incidents that occurred inside AND outside of Pakistan and saying they were linked to “groups with Pakistani connections“, including the bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul and several attacks inside Pakistan, ALL of which, Pakistan blames on outside sources, including India; India on the other hand, blames almost all of its violence on Pakistan.
It lists all areas in which the US wants to see progress as a result of the 1.5 Billion each year…any one of which would require an investment of well over this amount to effect change:
Section 5.2.(f)(1)(A) (v) transparency and accountability of all branches of government and judicial proceedings;

(vi) anticorruption efforts among bureaucrats, elected officials, and public servants at all levels of military and civilian government administration;


(vii) countering the narcotics trade; and


(viii) the implementation of legal and political reforms in the FATA;

Then the bill lists all the areas in which Pakistan must make significant headway each year, in order to continue getting this aid…effectively, calling for Pakistan to declare war on its own people in order to satisfy the US:

Section 6.(c) Certification- The certification required by this subsection is a certification to the appropriate congressional committees by the Secretary of State, after consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence, that the security forces of Pakistan–

Section 7.(1) are making concerted efforts to prevent al Qaeda and associated terrorist groups, including Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, from operating in the territory of Pakistan;

(2) are making concerted efforts to prevent the Taliban and associated militant groups from using the territory of Pakistan as a sanctuary from which to launch attacks within Afghanistan; and

(1) Coalition Support Funds are critical components of the global fight against terrorism, and in Pakistan provide essential support for–

(A) military operations of the Government of Pakistan to destroy the terrorist threat and close the terrorist safe haven, known or suspected, in the FATA, the NWFP, and other regions of Pakistan; and

(B) military operations of the Government of Pakistan to protect United States and allied logistic operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan;

To add insult to injury, the bill allows $45 million (a HUGE amount by Pakistan’s standards) of this amount to be taken back each year, for administrative purposes…making it look like Pakistan should be paying the US to Police Pakistan.
Pakistan may take the money, but the ill-will this program will generate, will probably wipe out any goodwill we hope to derive from it.
This insult and largesse comes at a time when the US is relentlessly bombing areas within Pakistan with Drone attacks and cross-border attacks by the US Army and is killing hundreds of Pakistanis under the excuse of “fighting the global “WAR!” on terrorism“. Every time there is a hit on a group, a crowd, or a village with its “collateral losses”, hundreds of people become implacable enemies of the US and parties supporting the US…Pakistan in this case; we only have to look at the mayhem in Pakistan, to see how damaging Pakistan’s “support” has been for Pakistan.
Our pursuit of “Al-Qaeda” and “Taliban” defies anything even close to victory because our definition of the two groups changes as we see fit…ANY Muslim we don’t like, is either “Al-Qaeda” or “Taliban” with inevitable destruction to follow…which then generates more Muslims for us not to like because they hate us by then…and the murderous cycle continues with Pakistan being at the bleeding end and the US at the shooting one.
What began in the FATA, is now threatening to enter Baluchistan as far as Quetta. For some strange reason, the US does not seem to understand that their attacks inside Pakistan and their pressure on Pakistan to kill its own people, is like sawing off the very tree branch on which one is sitting.
As usual, in history, one day people will wonder what drove the US to be so indescribably dense and arrogant; we may not have much to boast of in foresight, but our hindsight is exceptionally clear.

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