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Israel and the Arab Beast

Brutality against Palestinians has become such commonplace in Israel, that killing, injuring or otherwise brutalizing a Palestinian barely evokes a bored yawn. The Blindly pro-Israeli groups scream loudly how precious life is in Israel and how “Freedom and Democracy” are only to be found in Israel, none in the Middle East…and don’t DARE try to equate Israel with Apartheid South Africa.
Perhaps they are right, it IS wrong to equate Israel with Apartheid South Africa…it would be a better analogy to identify the parallels between post-civil war Blacks and Arabs in Israel.
Life of the Arab has no value; snuff him out and at most there will be a few stifled gasps and a mild remonstration here or there.
Destroy Arab homes and there is not likely to be any protest…after all, the home was never theirs to begin with!
See Israeli Jews beating or killing an Arab; it is impolite to interrupt, wait until it is over before telling the Israeli Jew he is being bad, bad, bad!
Below are two links to the same incident where an Israeli Jew runs his car over an Arab and then backs up to run over him again…now THAT is bad!
Defenders may come back with statements that the Jew was incensed or driven insane because the Arab was a stabbing suspect (maybe he even WAS guilty of the stabbing!). While that defense may be stretched thin, maybe we can agree to consider it…maybe.
But the real horror is not the focus, the Palestinian being deliberately run over twice. No, that scene is actually benign when examined in isolation…relatively speaking.
The REAL horror is AROUND the rest of the picture…
Look at how the driver runs his car over the Palestinian twice as the Police and the soldiers barely react…after all, it is just a stinking Arvit. and the perpetrator is a righteous Jew (in Israel, every Jew is a righteous Jew when compared to a stinking A-rab). Consider how the reactions might have been different if the driver was an A-rab and the victim was a Jew; who’s taking bets that the car would have looked like a tea-strainer within three seconds and there would be nothing left of the driver?
Watch how gently they remove the driver from the car, as if the driver was the one injured and how lovingly they take him away, while the Palestinian is left lying under the car…and the Soldiers and the Police can barely even muster a look at the victim under the car.
Finally listen and look (these are very short videos) at the end of the Fox show, the anchor makes a joke about how infuriating it is to see…slow drivers!
Imagine the uproar if some TV anchor had made some comment about slow-burning ovens after showing the burning of a Jew’s body. But this is about an Arab, who really cares about Arabs? they don’t value life like we do in Israel and the West!
It goes to show how dead the hearts and souls of Jews in Israel have become…okay, I’ll grant that there may be some Jews in Israel who cannot stand such brutality, but there are also many Jews (and Christians) right here in the “civilized” West, who applaud the actions of the driver.  Judging from statements I have personally heard, I can identify quite a few right here in the Puget Sound area…I have MET them!
It goes to show that perhaps the only reason Hitler’s Final Solution has not been implemented against the Arabs in Israel, is not because it would be an inhuman thing to do, but it would be very bad P-R.
Better to kill 10-20 Palestinians a day, in closed zones so journalists won’t notice anything and we’ll call them “terrorists”!
Remember, Israel has the RIGHT to defend itself!
America is not a whole lot better; the life of a Black man/woman or a Muslim/Arab is also nothing to get too stirred-up about.
Just a few days ago, there was a Sherriff who called US Marines, “Travel agents for Allah” meaning, they kill Muslims…no protests from anyone.
Sometime ago, Talk-show host Dori Munson of KIRO called for “rolling a couple of grenades into a full mosque” and again, nothing happened and he remained unrepentant.
Muslims are called “Cancer” and Americans are told “they” will kill us all unless we stop them (with guns of course!).
The answer…the ONLY answer to the brutalities on Arabs in Israel and the Occupied Territories, is in taking hold of political power. If Arabs and Muslims do not get off their insular behinds and start taking political action by which they can gain major influence, things will continue to get worse here in the US and the “civilized West”; our only response to what Israel is doing to Palestinians (Muslims and Christians) will continue to be to inquire solicitously, if Israel is running short on guns and bombs and then rushing to re-supply Israel…that is what the US did as Israel was conducting its war crimes (Oops! defending itself!!!) in Gaza recently.
Warning! watching these videos may be upsetting to some…
(Oxymoron) Fox “News” :
Arab Channel:

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