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Iran, Muslim nations, THE BOMB & other WMDs

Iran has been the whipping boy for the US and an obedient West ever since Iran made the grave “mistake” of kicking out the Shah. This over-reaction is based on several factors; that a country should dare to oppose the wishes of Rome (US) and then, take prisoner an entire diplomatic staff and THEN vilify Rome at every turn.
As if this were not enough, Iran then had the nerve to lambaste Rome’s Praetorian Guard (Israel) that maintains “balance” and order in the far-flung reaches of the Empire and keeps the dogs at bay.
Just not smart…
One has to concede that the totalitarian rule that has been established in Iran is not much of an improvement over the Shah’s days, but that is hardly a cause that demands beating of the war-drums. Other than that, what exactly has Iran done, that deserves our collective mistrust (as if WE can be trusted!)?
Iran has not attacked any country even when it had plenty of excuses to do so…Iran COULD have sent troops into Western Afghanistan to maintain peace and order, but it did not; it left self-infliction of wounds, to the US…Iran hasn’t even threatened another country with war.
Iran also stated that they were willing to open all their nuclear facilities to IAEA inspection and Western nations accepted this…until the US rejected Iran’s entire bid for nuclear development even for (peaceful) energy-generation because “we don’t trust Iran”. The US made it so difficult for Iran to maintain any nuclear energy independence that Iran finally kicked the IAEA out and went its own way. Today, there is no way to ensure whether Iran is or is not on the path to developing a nuclear bomb.
But what about Iran’s growing military might? Is that not threatening enough?
Surely the mullahs are crazy and if they have the power, they would launch war even if it meant suicide!
The first recent war Iran faced was an invasion by Iraq with at first, the tacit support from the US and later, weapons support from the US and Israel. Iran fought this extended war for eight years (1980-1988) at a cost of over a million people…so much so, that right now, the majority of Iran’s population is under 30. During this war, the US refused to allow any UN action or resolutions against Iraq in spite of the fact that Iraq used chemical weapons and poison gas (made from US-provided materials) against Iran.
The US has supported what it calls “the opposition” in Iran to the point where Congress voted $400 million dollars to help “de-stabilize Iranian regime”; money that was even given to the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), a group that is on the US list of terrorists.
Following the US-brought devastation of Iraq in 2003 and in the preceding twelve years of “sanctions”, the US continued with further threats against Iran, threatening massive bombing of Iran, including the usage of “tactical” nuclear bombs (“to take out hardened targets”). Israel jumped in without rebuke from the US, making threats of devastating attacks against Iran (the US recently transferred extra-heavy Depleted Uranium Bombs to Israel).
Can there be any doubt as to why Iran would want to be self-reliant and strong?
Why is Israel so interested in destroying Iran?
The superficial “reason”  is that Iran’s President Ahmedinejad supposedly said Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth, but even this appears to have been deliberately twisted out of context. Ahmedinejad was quoting Ayatollah Khomeini who had said words to the effect, “Just as the (White) South African regime was wiped off the face of the Earth so too, must the oppressive Israeli regime be wiped off the face of the Earth“. These words were immediately taken and surgically modified to say that Israel must be wiped out…presumably, including all Jews.
In my opinion, Israel wants any vestige of Iran’s potential military strength to be destroyed because a strong Muslim country denotes a weakened Israeli strategic position; such weakness might embolden Israel’s neighbors to start demanding their lands back and Palestinians to demand an equal say on their lives…things that Israel has misguidedly decided, would cause its destruction.
Israel exists on the foundations of an existential threat; that it is imperative for Jews to have a STRONG independent land so that the pogroms and Shoahs of the past, can never happen again. Thus it is that anytime Israel experiences something new, it analyzes it to see if an existential threat can possibly occur and then screeches to offense…which then raises a lot of support from the Western countries and the Jewish Diaspora…all essential to Israel maintaining its status quo. In my opinion, peace is not in Israel’s interests because peace would mean a loss of the billions of dollars that Israel gets each year, from countries, Churches and Jewish groups all over the world, not to mention enough weapons to bury Israel’s neighbors…each year.
Paradoxically, a show of weakness and vulnerability is what Israel needs in order to continue building ever-more destructive power, sometimes with the aid of the West and sometimes with the West casting a blind eye on what Israel is doing. The cloak of weakness helps keep Israel in an unchallengeable position vis-à-vis its Middle Eastern neighbors and it is what gives Israel the impunity with which it can attack other countries without serious reactions from its Western patrons.
Israel’s antipathy towards Iran is nothing personal, it is just good business; a strong Muslim country has been successfully projected as being definitely against Israel’s interests and survival. The West in general, has not harbored good feelings towards Muslim countries unless those countries cater to all of the West’s desires…help to control their populations, provide strategic materials (oil, minerals etc.,) at extortionately cheap prices, buy things they don’t need, from the West etc., Thus, for the Western countries, to buy-in to Israel’s position against Muslim countries is a simple, logical and a very profitable step.
The world is fully aware of Israel’s nuclear power, estimates range from a hundred to several hundred nuclear devices that Israel has, ready to use against an “enemy”. Here however, the “Judeo-Christian World” is content to let things be because in their minds, Israel can be fully trusted with  nuclear bombs while Muslims will be willing to ties the bombs to their bodies and deliver them to Western countries.
India’s production of the nuclear bomb barely caused a ripple in the West, but as soon as Pakistan developed its bomb, the West could be heard screaming hysterically about the “Islamic” bomb. In a show of righteousness, the US slapped both India and Pakistan with sanctions on the sale of weapons. this hurt Pakistan more because while Pakistan depended on buying its latest weapons from the US, India produced all its own. Now, the US has finally re-manufactured its condemnation of the Indian Bomb, by striking a deal to supply India with all the nuclear cooperation it wants as long as India will allow the International Atomic Agency to inspect just the few nuclear facilities that India will decide to show and trhen too, only as long as India wants to cooperate; US support will continue regardless of what India decides in the IATA inspection part of the deal.
Pakistan having committed the most unforgivable crime of being a Muslim country, gets none of the support extended to India…because Pakistan has “The Bomb”!
Go figure.
The West shouts long and loud, against nuclear bombs, but their actions belie their calls for nuclear non-proliferation; the rest of the world, the world of nuclear have-nots see this as a ploy for the West and its favored friends, to make and keep nuclear weapons while the unwashed nations (read Muslim nations) may not possess any. Developing nations (where most of today’s wars are being fought) see the West as rushing to ban weapons that the poor nations can afford and manufacture, in favor of weapons that only the West can manufacture and use. When the poorer nations tried to get a ban on the use of mines, the United States was the only country that stepped forth against the initiated and said while mines should be banned, “Smart” mines should be allowed to remain…which incidentally, can only be produced by the super-powers.
In their rhetoric against nuclear bombs, the West (mainly the United States) has taken great pains to produce weapons with greater and greater destructive powers, barely staying on this side of the nuclear line…though not quite…the (relatively) latest of which, are Cluster bombs/weaponsDepleted Uranium bombs/weapons (see video: Depleted Uranium the Ultimate Dirty Bomb) and Dense Inert Material Explosive (DIME) bombs. The US has shifted the argument from being against nuclear weapons  for their lasting damage to DNA and the environment, to being simply against nuclear weapons and is now exploiting this “window” by developing weapons that match nuclear weapons in their cruelty, toxicity and duration; a new term has been coined just to describe some of these relatively new weapons, “Genotoxic materials”… Let us examine some of the new destructive weapons and their recent usages…
Cluster weapons are purely anti-personnel, they include Aerial bombs and artillery shells which contain as many as 500 bomblets within each them that scatter before they hit the ground or, immediately upon impact. Some of these weapons are designed to explode as they scatter, killing a broader number of people while others are simply glorified mines that lie un-detonated until someone or something sets them off. Some cluster bombs are designed to have a high rate of unexploded bomblets (failure rate of up to 40%) while others are lower. In the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Israel deliberately used cluster bombs that had a high failure rate in order to render a large area unusable to people. By the time Israel left the Lebanon, it had dropped over four MILLION unexploded cluster bombs (over one million unexploded) scattered all over Southern Lebanon. Within three days, Israel had dropped twice as many cluster bombs in the Lebanon as the US had dropped in Iraq in three weeks. Many countries are trying to get all countries to sign a treaty banning cluster munitions; The US and UK are among the main opposition to such a treaty (40+ countries have ratified it). The US used tens of millions of then in Viet Nam where they are causing deaths and severe injuries to this day.
Depleted Uranium weapons include bombs, shells and bullets that develop incredible heat (pyrophoric) as they fly towards their target and get even hotter upon impact, so hot that the target literally explodes, vaporizing everything inside. Then the material vaporizes into micro-particles that are carried by air and into the lungs of people where the depleted Uranium settles and constantly doses the person with radiation leading to genetic and DNA destruction. The half-life of Depleted Uranium is 4.5 BILLION years, meaning after that period of time, it will still retain half its potency.
DIME, Dense Inert Material Explosives are the latest and the deadliest, its casing is Carbon fiber while the inside is packed with “micro-shrapnel” made of Tungsten alloys. The GOOD news is that is had a kill-radius of about 30-40 feet, so the “collateral damage” is minimized. The REALLY BAD news, however, is that the micro-shrapnel acts like a scythe, slicing anything in its way and thus, cutting off limbs and decapitating people. the micro-shrapnel can penetrate the body, causing extreme internal damage and at its extreme end of range, imbedding itself in the body and causing cancer (the particles are so small that they cannot even be detected by X-rays much less, removed surgically) and genetic damage. 
In a world that has become obsessed with “the bottom line”, the bottom line is that Western condemnation of nuclear weapons is understood as biased, hypocritical and designed to keep the not-so-favorite countries in their place and under control while the West continues to produce weapons that defy description of the terrible things they can do.

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