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Fort Hood Massacre…Thoughts From Different Days

November 6, 2009…6:13 p.m.

By now, I am sure everyone is aware of the attack in Fort Hood.
From the sound of the perpetrator’s name (Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist), this idiot is likely to be from South Asia.
We grieve for the dead and wounded soldiers and for their families and We are outraged at the betrayal to his uniform and to his country (and his fellow soldiers), that Maj. Malik has done by his murders. It is bad enough for a family to be getting ready to see their loved ones off to Afghanistan, but to hear that their loved one was killed or wounded right here, by a fellow soldier, must be the ultimate insult to the ultimate injury…no amount of compassion or sympathy can alleviate their sorrow.
Although many will refer to this as a “cowardly attack”, there is nothing “cowardly” or brave about this man’s attack; it is simply an act of evil. We don’t know what set him off or who the other two soldiers are, but this is a horrible incident which guarantees talk shows for the next few days, quite a bunch of hate directed against “Muzlems” and calls to explain ourselves. We may never get the answer to “why?” and we can speculate all we like because as humans, we need to be able to rationalize tragedy, but we will have to get used to the fact that we don’t know…speculations though, will grow by the second and all against Islam and Muslims.
Not only has he betrayed his non-Muslim fellow Americans, he has also betrayed Muslim Americans, because his actions have opened more doors of bigotry against the rest of us American Muslims.
Let us hope and pray for calm.

November 6

As passions and tempers cool on the Fort Hood shootings, a lot of questions will be asked and we may not get many answers. Even though we may question the details and point out some facts that may be connected with the shooting, none of these things should be construed as justification for the horrible killings, but perhaps they can help us understand the “why” part of the tragedy.

  • We now know that Fort Hood has a record of Christianity being pushed on soldiers and in children in schools (See excerpts from Mikey Weinstein’s article below)
  • Maj. Hasan had been subjected to harassment because of his Muslim faith
  • Part of his job was to debrief returning soldiers, so he was intimately aware of what had been going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. This could leave him exposed to what is known as Secondary PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • We do not know if the Military has any programs for debriefing the debriefers, as is considered a ‘must’ for counselors and psychiatrists in civilian life. If not, then the Military is creating an explosive situation
  • There were some clear signs of stress and perhaps even depression in the Major; why or how were they left unattended?
  • We know Maj. Hasan was very upset because he was about to be deployed to the war front, he had retained a lawyer to fight his deployment
One long-time Seattle counselor and friend writes in response to my earlier e-mail on the Fort Hood shooting:

There is also what is presumed to be Maj. Hasan’s blog in which he is supposed to have justified and glorified suicide-bombing. I visited this website (it is not yet confirmed that this is indeed his) and read the piece on suicide bombing but I did not notice any glorification of it there. It is reproduced here:
NidalHasan scribbled: There was a grenade thrown amongs a group of American soldiers. One of the soldiers, feeling that it was to late for everyone to flee jumped on the grave with the intention of saving his comrades. Indeed he saved them. He inentionally took his life (suicide) for a noble cause i.e. saving the lives of his soldier. To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate. Its more appropriate to say he is a brave hero that sacrificed his life for a more noble cause. Scholars have paralled this to suicide bombers whose intention, by sacrificing their lives, is to help save Muslims by killing enemy soldiers. If one suicide bomber can kill 100 enemy soldiers because they were caught off guard that would be considered a strategic victory. Their intention is not to die because of some despair. The same can be said for the Kamikazees in Japan. They died (via crashing their planes into ships) to kill the enemies for the homeland. You can call them crazy i you want but their act was not one of suicide that is despised by Islam. So the scholars main point is that “IT SEEMS AS THOUGH YOUR INTENTION IS THE MAIN ISSUE” and Allah (SWT) knows best.

These wars have caused enormous psychological damage for two reasons.  One is that they are waged against civilians. The second is that after we learned that something like only 6% of normal men continue to shoot to kill after the first six weeks, we changed our training to teach people to kill with greater impunity.  We cannot construct a system of warfare that is aimed at whole populations without consequences like these. 

There is a reason there are more suicides and more murders accruing in these wars.  This man murdered his fellow soldiers.  But war is murder.  And having institutionalized it to the extent that we have, we need to look at what we’ve created. 

with it for years.  All day, every day.  Without adequate resources to treat the men and women who come home broken.  He clearly snapped.  Since he had just had a poor evaluation, I would want to know if his mental breakdown was already visible.has been sittingI doubt that it’s evil.  I suspect it’s illness.  This is a man who has had to listen to the horrendous – and sometimes evil – things that returning soldiers who have PTSD have seen and done.  He

Mikey Weinstein (a man I am honored to call a friend) of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation says:
Mikey Weinstein, an honor graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, former White House counsel during the Reagan adminsitration and former General Counsel to H. Ross Perot, said religious intolerance within the military is widespread and continues to get worse. He said less than 24-hours before the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, he received a call from a cadet at the US Military Academy at West Point speaking on behalf of about 40 other cadets and staff at the Military Academy about “all but unbearable fundamentalist Christian pressure and perscution” at the school.
Weinstein noted that MRFF has about 18 active cases at Fort Hood involving soldiers who allege they have been subjected to non-stop fundamentalist Christian proselytization.
“Fort Hood is one of our worst hot spots of the nearly 1,000 US military installations scattered around the world in approximiately 132 countries,” Weinstein said. “We’ve had a particular problem with the public elementary school that’s actually situated on the installation where children of soldiers have been continuously proselytized to.”
Maj. Hasan, according to the New York Times, had allegedly been harassed by fellow soldiers because he was Muslim.
Clearly, we have lots of unanswered questions and many that some may see as “apologist” points; they are not, in any calamity, it is stupid to ignore questions that may help us understand why and how something may have occurred that could perhaps have been avoided.
Tempers are heating up among the REAL AMERICAN patriots, I will not be too surprised if some don’t make this an Islamic or Muslim issue…which it is not…and then decided to exact some revenge.
Let us pray for some sober minds to keep the hysteria down.

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