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Coming soon? The “Final Solution” for Muslims

Well, this day was not far away when our enemies decide that they should modify “Never Again!” to read, “Maybe just one more time…”, but this time, against Muslims.

Swiss Politician Wants ‘Kristallnacht for Mosques’

Swiss politician Alexander Muller’s Tweet read: “Maybe we need another Kristallnacht… this time for mosques.”

We have had a hysteria-creep that began with associating Muslims with evil and with violence, by stating that a Muslim cannot be an American because he by definition, hates America. This state of fear was escalated to saying the Islam is a cult and those who sought personal gain, such as political leaders and self-styled “experts” on Islam. Some years ago, the hysteria was escalated to stating the American Mosques are hotbeds of hate and violence, the great hate-monger, Daniel Pipes even went so far as to give wings to the belief that “20% of all Mosques in America are terrorist sympathizers”.

We are now in the middle of an era where people are hotly opposing the construction of Mosques under various pretexts and laws are being proposed and passed, opposing Sharia in daily Muslim lives, but the laws are really aimed against Islam.

During this time, European bigots got their encouragement from American bigots and from the fact that the American government is actively participating against Muslims and Islam by passing laws against Muslims (NDAA) and by participating in the hate-Islam activities. Extremist parties in Europe are closely associated with self-styled “experts” on Islam and “terrorism”. The European groups have taken money, training and encouragement, from American bigots and hate-promoters; Norwegian massacre perpetrator, Anders Breivik, got his encouragement and inspiration for hating Muslims, from Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Pam Geller, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders and Bat Ye’or, among others, as he quoted them in his manifesto.

Europe has provided fertile grounds for the spread of bigotry because its economy on a down-turn, extremists like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and European extremist parties are on the rise. Matters came to a head a couple of years ago when Switzerland passed a law banning minarets in the country; the same country that has no qualms about taking money from dictators, genocidal maniacs and thieves, appears to have serious problems with Muslims having mosques with “Islamic minarets” on them.

Were matters at their peak? Opportunistic leadership hates stasis, if matters are not escalated, leaders start to lose their luster. Political candidates in America have been talking about destroying “Radical Islam before it destroys us”. That may be well and good, but when one considers that their definition of a “Radical Muslim” is anyone who believes in Islam and the Quran, that pretty much takes care of all Muslims.

Okay, so Alexander Muller who called for a Kristallnacht against Muslims, was kicked out of his right-wing Swiss Peoples Party and while that might satisfy Jewish sensitivities, it should not help Muslim concerns at all. Was he really kicked out because he proposed a final solution against Muslims or, was it because he appeared to suggest that the genocide against the Jews was not such a bad idea?

  • the Swiss People’s Party said there was “no room permitted for comparison or reference to the unspeakable dictator of the Nazi regime.”

Would the reaction have been the same if the reference to Kristallnacht had not been made and he had simply euphemistically suggested “destroying Islam before it destroys Switzerland” similar to statements so often made in the United States? We have had Senators, Representatives and even Presidential candidates, make such statements only to see their positions get stronger, instead of being roundly condemned by the public or, by their colleagues.

This is not a Chicken Little reaction, but a call for Muslims in particular, to engage their hearts and minds to the problems that are so rapidly degenerating before us. We have no choice, but to engage in the political arena of this country…our country, if we wish for ourselves and our children, to live and prosper here.

This is also a call to the people of good will in this country, to wake up and get engaged, kick the hate-mongers out even if they belong to your favorite party, because the hate-filled means to their position, can never justify their access to money, political power or, influence.

A country that can tolerate oppression of one minority, can and soon will, perpetrate oppression against another minority and those who live by exploiting fear and promoting hate against one group, will have no hesitation in doing the same to another minority. A nation that cannot live in peaceful justice with one of its minorities will soon perpetrate injustice to the rest of its own people.

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  1. You are absolutely right. European and American Islamophobes are feeding on each other. Whatever happened to one of the pillars of Judeo-Christian civilization that called for “love your enemy” or hate consumes the person who hates more than it harms the person who is hated.

    Comment by Qaseem Khan | June 29, 2012 | Reply


      Comment by davel | July 20, 2014 | Reply

      • Hey Davel. Your lack of brains and your Hitlerian line of thinkingg (limited as it appears to be) are well-represented in your comments. I will allow these comments this time, but readers will not (NOT) be permitted to exercise their brainless ideologies on this website in future.

        Comment by penjihad | July 20, 2014

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